How to Turn Social Media Likes Into Leads

Likes that don’t successfully convert into leads for your business are pretty much useless. If, for example, your Facebook page has a high volume of followers without generating pure interest, traffic and leads, you really don’t have much to brag about.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that users are much more active on social media than they are in real life. More specifically, many of the users hitting that “like” button or commenting on your post wouldn’t even care to visit your store or ask for your services unless you gave them a good reason.

Let’s take our own social media behavior as an example. People we might not even greet if they crossed our path are our “friends” or “followers in the social media world. How many times have you liked posts of people you hardly know? And out of all these times, what percentage of those “liked” posts did you really like? I bet that percentage is a lot lower than what you initially had in mind.

This leads to one simple conclusion: Your first goal should be to get likes, not just any likes but “substantial” likes with high chances of converting into leads, which is your ultimate goal!

How? Let’s break it down into steps.

1. Reach out to the right audience, on the right channels.

Sufficient knowledge of your target group’s characteristics such as nationality, age, gender and interests enable you to reach your audience directly. Don’t be on all social media channels just for the sake of it. Be where your audience is and connect with them.

3. Build Awareness.

If they don’t know what product/service you sell, you’re not doing your job. Communicate clearly what you sell and support that with content that aligns with your product/service offerings without being too self-promotional.

3. Provide your audience with impeccable content and do it frequently.

Producing high-quality content alone won’t get you any results unless done with consistency. Block out time for content. Put it on your calendar and map out the type of content you want to create. When developing your content strategy, you might want to test the waters. Remember that your follower-base is your best source. Take some time to observe what content topics and types are of more interest to your followers. Then, repeat.

However, the same type of content can’t perform equally well across all platforms. For example, native videos are highly effective on Facebook and Instagram, but this is not the case for LinkedIn.

You can read more about the types of content with the highest engagement on Social Media here!

4. Incentivize.

There may be hundreds of businesses that offer the same products/services as you. Ask yourself “Why would they buy from me? What differentiates my business from the competition?”

Give them a unique reason to come to you. Define your competitive advantage. Either this is great customer service or 24/7 technical support, you need to build a multi-channel campaign around that and communicate it frequently.

Other great incentives you can occasionally use are social media coupons, free trials, contests and promo codes as rewards to followers.

“Become an authority in your industry, make your audience feel you are the only trusted solution to their needs. Gain their trust, and they will come to you over and over again.”


DigitalEyes by Chrys Zezou

Operations Manager at Clickhouse Media