5 Top Social Media Trends for 2020

Given the importance of social media in everyone’s life, marketers need to be aware of all upcoming trends to stay one step ahead of the competition. Here are 5 trends to get you thinking about how you can adapt them into the 2020 digital marketing strategy.

Team up with influencers

Influencer marketing is the latest trend in social media marketing. Businesses of all types and sizes find influencer marketing extremely useful in promoting their products/ services and building their brand credibility. Influencers cannot only help you generate leads, but also achieve a variety of marketing goals.

Tip: Think about working with a network of micro-influencers as they cost less and get much higher engagement.

Leverage videos

Video is without a doubt one of the most engaging forms of content. Both short-form (TitTok, Stories, Boomerang Videos) and long-form videos (YouTube, IGTV) can drive many clicks, trigger immediate reaction and boost engagement.

Tip: Start by using features like Instagram and Facebook Stories both for your social media content and paid ads. Don’t forget that you can also add videos to social media platforms that were traditionally dominated by image or text content, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Be prepared for the removal of Instagram likes

Instagram is beta testing the possibility of removing its likes feature from posts. Likes tend to determine an influencer’s social value so be prepared to find an alternative way to measure if a campaign is successful or not.

Tip: Think about adopting more sophisticated measurement methods, like using referral codes and encouraging users to swipe up for affiliate links in stories. This is also a good time to testing Instagram Ads as they can easily track ROI of your advertising campaigns.

Engage with the local market

Using location-based features in your posts and stories will help your business draw more local audience. Apart from search engines, people use social media to search for posts from nearby places and specific locations, so if you add the location to your content, it will show up in these search results.

Tip: The benefits of location-based targeting on social media are countless, so use location stickers and tags whenever you can and target specific audience by location on your sponsored ads.

Entice your audience to create content for your brand

Leveraging user-generated content for your brand’s social media profiles is not a new trend, but it’s here to stay for a long time as it increases engagement, consumer trust and ultimately drives more sales.

Tip: User-generated content is free and consumers consider it to be more trustworthy than branded content so motivate your customers to create content for you for a chance to get featured on your page.