5 Well-known Brands Using Instagram Stories

Did you know that one-third of Instagram stories come from businesses?

Restaurants, retail and toy shops, gyms and even medical professionals are utilizing Instagram’s Stories feature to spread the word about their products and services. To help you master your Instagram Story strategy, let’s take a look at 5 brands using Instagram Stories.


Even though LEGO’s target audience is young children, on Instagram the toy construction company is targeting parents, grandparents and generally anyone who has children in their family. Through Instagram, LEGO showcases its works of art made with their products and asks its audience to guess the number of LEGO used to build that. This is a great example of how a brand uses Instagram and its features (interactive polls and quizzes) to appeal to an audience other than its intended younger audience by adding a bit of childhood nostalgia.


Nike is one of those brands who invest heavily in influencer marketing. Nike uses Instagram Stories to feature interviews with famous athletes whose experience stories complement its products. This is a great example of a brand mastering the art of influencer marketing and leveraging powerful people to create content that aligns with the values of the brand without purely focusing on selling shoes.


The most-loved coffee brand uses Instagram Stories to share testimonies from clients, new product launches and other content though interactive polls and quizzes. For example, in one of their Stories, Starbucks asked its followers to guess which drink was coming back. Starbucks does not only showcase its drinks through its Stories, but also engages with the wider community. Using social media platforms to build a community around your brand is so important!


Student stories, historical fun facts about the university, new programme information and graduation speeches are only a few examples of New York University’s Stories. NY University, just like any university in the world, targets primarily the Gen-Z and millenials groups so it’s important to showcase what’s happening at the university and how fun it is to be studying there. The audience wants to feel something when they scroll through Instagram Stories and Stories of current students or alumni forges that emotional connection with them.


The hotel booking engine, Booking.com, posts a wide range of Instagram Stories but all have something in common: travel. The Stories that stand out most are the ones that involve some sort of travel advice, for example travelling solo, with family, for honeymoon or on a tight budget. The result is very successful as the brand uses high engaging content (photos, videos, graphics, etc) but at the same time promotes its services.

There’s many more brands who are doing amazing things with Instagram Stories. These five examples are just an inspiration for you to see what you can achieve with this special social media network and its features. If you need help to get started with Instagram Stories, we would be happy to help you create awesome content and elevate your brand.