Interesting Stats & Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing in 2018!

Welcome to the State of Video Marketing!

Video is here, and it’s here to dominate another year. According to a HubSpot research,  video is the most memorable type of content (43%) in comparison to text (18%) and images (36%).

Video usage is still on the rise with businesses that use video as a marketing tool climbing up to 81% in comparison to 63% in 2017.  With an impressive 85% of consumers saying they’d love to see more videos from brands in 2018, who can blame them?

Remember that videos create a real impact on your audience and have an incomparable ability to generate emotion driven sales.

Some more reasons why you need to implement videos into your marketing strategy:

  1. They strengthen your brand message.
  2. They perform well on all devices.
  3. They encourage social shares.
  4. They build trust.
  5. They boost conversions and sales.
  6. Google loves them too.

Take a look at some interesting Video Marketing facts and figures for 2018!