How SEO friendly is really your content?

Your website only reaches its potential when its content is SEO-friendly. In a nutshell, SEO is a method of enhancing the effectiveness of your website content to be ranked higher on search engines, attract more attention and thus, get more traffic.  But writing SEO enhanced content is not as simple as you might think. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself about your SEO content marketing to evaluate if it’s good as it is or needs improving:

Have I chosen my keywords wisely?

Number one priority when it comes to SEO marketing is the keywords incorporated to your content. Specifically, the keywords through which the search engines will rank your page. Therefore, you must select your keywords very wisely and make sure they flow naturally – don’t just place them scattered throughout your blog and landing pages. A good advice would be to start your keyword search from Google AdWords keyword planner or Google Trends so you can be 100% sure what keywords and phrases people are using to find your site (via search engines).

Is my content useful, engaging and entertaining?

When writing your website content, you should have these two words in mind: original and fresh. High-quality content earns you more shares, backlinks, mentions, clicks, traffic and ultimately, new clients. It is not just the search engines that you have to appeal to rank you higher, but also the end users (prospects, visitors, clients, partners, etc.). Therefore, the more relevant, useful, original and well-written your content is, the more visitors your website will attract.

Is my website content optimized?

Speaking of optimization, your content should be written in a way to be fully optimized for search engines. Specifically, for pictures, make use you use keywords to name them and reduce their size so that pages will load faster. For your writing structure, use titles, headings and subheadings to break your content into readable and smaller chunks of information, focusing on the keywords you are targeting. As for the length of your blog posts, your target should be between 300-800 words, while the keywords should be the 1-2% of the text.

If you managed to give a ‘yes’ answer to all the above questions, then it’s safe to say that you are winning the SEO game. If not, you should use the tips abovementioned to create SEO friendly content that the readers will want to read and share. The trick is to give your audience something truly valuable to read, and in turn, you expect to be rewarded with a higher ranking. Should you wish help in writing fresh, error and plagiarized free content that search engines will love, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.