Top 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions

Top 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions

2019 is here and long gone are the days where you could post content just to build your personal brand. The always-online audiences of today seek opportunities for engagement, participation, involvement and co-production. Therefore, if you want your digital marketing efforts to yield results, remain competitive and increase your ROI, here are some trends to focus on.

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019

Influencer marketing is now mainstream

Influencer marketing took off in 2018 and this year the number of campaigns and budgets are expected to be doubled. It’s true that marketers are falling more in love with social media – especially Instagram – since the channel is effective and produces a fairly large ROI, thanks to its peer-to-peer storytelling capabilities, engagement reach, community-focused nature and the evolution of mobile marketing. If you think that influencer marketing is only for B2C brands, you are wrong. It might be slightly harder to reach B2B decision-makers, but content uploaded natively to social media platforms presents an opportunity for brands and influencers alike.

Video content, stories and conversational content

Consumers nowadays spend more and more time on their smartphones; a fact which suggests that video consumption will continue to increase. Most social media platforms, if not all, support video content, encouraging brands to invest in this type of content and focus on personalized experiences. It is becoming quite common these days for a consumer to log in to either Facebook or Instagram to catch up with friends, and find himself watching stories, saving a recipe, entering a competition or buying a new pair of trousers. Such is the power of video marketing. The question is why video marketing isn’t part of your marketing strategy yet?

Mobile and in-app advertising

Everyone loves their smartphone and can rarely be found without them in their hands. We live in an era where apps are our go-to advisor and assistant for everything we do – shop, read the news, play games, make video calls, check the weather, listen to music, check emails, etc. It looks like we spend more time in apps than surfing the mobile web, therefore in-app advertising is likely to prosper in 2019. Mobile apps are also more accessible, can be launched faster and can be integrated with other apps to keep users more engaged. So, now is the right time to start experimenting in using apps to target and engage with audience through paid ads. If you are interested in the mobile channel, in-app is where you will find the consumers spending most of their time.