Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach With These 7 Secrets

According to the latest stats, Social media is used as much as search engines as a tool for reaching your target audience.

The number of people who view your content (Facebook Page and Posts) without paid distribution constitutes what marketers name as organic reach. Reach coming from paid promotions can also impact organic reach.

Facebook Organic Reach Is On Decline

Organic reach is rapidly declining on Facebook because of 2 main factors:

  1. The amount of content shared is so large that news feed space is not enough for it all to be shown
  2. Facebook shows only the most relevant content to each user based on users’ individual interests

However, organic reach is still important as it’s indicative of the real results of your business and the price of converting is a lot less.

So, here below are 7 secrets for increasing your Facebook Organic Reach:

1. Grow your presence by adding context to your content.

This way, your ads will be more cost-effective and your increased brand credibility will drive users to engage more with your page.

2. Share authentic and relevant content.

Timeless and useful content will keep your audience engaged for longer periods. Plus, Facebook will make sure that your posts appear in feeds for longer periods.

3. Include native videos.

With native videos becoming in recent years the strongest performer in the news feed, do we need to say more?

4. Upload native videos.

With native videos becoming the strongest performer in the news feed in recent years with over 8 billion daily video views, do we need to say more?

5. Run Facebook Competitions.

Social Media contests can help you increase your presence quickly. Define what you want to gain from your contest (engagement, leads, awareness etc.) and based on the goal you set, you can then decide the type and mechanism.

6. Test the waters with post frequency.

Too often is as tricky as too rarely. Measure how often works best for the type of your business and your audience. But remember that the golden rule is to always post high-quality content that implements humor, inspiration, and education. Post all you want, if your content sucks, there is no right frequency that can solve this.

7. Use your most loyal customers.

People don’t trust brands as much as people that speak about a brand. Operate towards creating die-hard fans that will do the work for you. How? Reach out to the right people and start with your own employees. Reward your loyal customers and adopt an unbeatable customer service.


Nobody knows what the future holds for Facebook organic reach but we can state with certainty that implementing the strategies shared in this article will definitely put you on the right path with optimizing your organic reach.

DigitalEyes by Chrys Zezou

Operations Manager at Clickhouse Media