4 tips that can make your online store more efficient

With the multiple ways and the pace the digital world is evolving, it is more than just essential for every business to have an online presence, and that is nothing new.

More and more people, organized sets and business units enter the online market daily, resulting in the creation of an enormous digital community. Thus, the digital presence of each company must be an integral part of its wider business plans, but more specifically of its marketing strategy.

This in itself should have been enough to “bang” every business that resists digitization so that it immediately adopts the appropriate actions that will put it at the center of the Internet world.

Below we present 4 tips that can significantly help you upgrade your online store and increase both traffic and sales.
Chances are you have heard of them already. But did you ever implement them? And if yes, to what level?

1. Upgrade your product description.

Check that your product description is simple, comprehensible and at the same time tempting to achieve the desired result to that your total presence converts into a sale.

Speak in the “language” of your target market: It is very important in describing the product we want to sell to avoid terminologies that are difficult to understand, just to impress.
Make it clear that reliance should be on the potential customer’s sentiment and not on your product: Many times, companies mistakenly confuse potential buyers by focusing on the features of the product and not on its generic use.

For example, if you have a shop that sells footwear, you can describe a pair of shoes in two ways:

The first way: “Black men’s shoes from 100% genuine leather.”
The second way: “Black handmade men’s shoes, ideal for gentlemen who want to impress. 100% authentic leather with excellent fit for better comfort. They are waterproof and durable, while they are the latest fashion trend.”

The same message with a different formulation prompts us completely different emotional responses. In the first one, the description is so poor that the buyer is not convinced by our product, while in the second one, it is more likely for buyers to trust us and wish to try this particular pair of shoes.


2. Use a video to promote your product.

We all feel more secure in our buying decision when we come in contact with the candidate product we want to acquire. In the digital age, a big barrier that prevents many people from making online purchases is the absence of product testing.

Enhance the visitor’s overall experience of your online store by placing the product you want to sell in alternative scenarios that the visitor is likely to use for that product. The human element enhances efficiency, let alone when it is in motion.


3. Encourage buyers to evaluate and rate the product they bought from your online store.

For a more accurate and detailed product description, your purchasing audience’s opinion should be taken into account. Through your e-shop visitors and the questions they ask you, and through feedback and product ratings they’ve finally bought and used, they’ll help you improve the way your products and services are presented.

4. Add cross-selling

As in traditional marketing, also in digital, the cross-selling technique is well known to marketers. But what’s the best way to apply this technique to your online store?

I suppose you have a customer whose purchasing frequency at your online store is limited to discount products. In such cases, it is imperative to apply this technique. Example: We can choose to show a specific product or set of products to a recurring customer who is in the final to attract him and ultimately convince him to buy the second product.

Let’s look at the example of footwear. When the prospective buyer chooses to buy a pair of leather shoes, we could show skin care products or another accessory (such as Leather Belt) that could combine them with the shoes.

These are some of the most important tips to apply which will definitely improve the performance of your online store and will increase your sales.


by Lida Leonidou

Account Executive at Clickhouse Media
Email: l.leonidou@clickhouse.media