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10 Tips for making your YouTube channel more successful!

Are you a vlogger? Maybe you would like to be one! Then, you shouldn’t skip this article by no means!

Here are 10 tips promising to make you a more successful vlogger!

We live in an era where each one of us can become… a «channel owner»! You may have your own YouTube broadcast or even an Instagram one (as already discussed in a previous article). The point though is who is going to be the one to stand out, the one to get the most subscribers and besides maintaining his own channel … getting paid for it as well!

1. Objective!

Having an objective is the first thing that you need to consider.  What do you wish to achieve via your own YouTube channel and what is your desired outcome? Do you wish to make money out of it or perhaps promote a business? Maybe you just want to have fun! Set your objectives and as soon as you are certain for your next steps…find a name for your broadcast!

2. The theme!

Having a theme channel that specialises in what you can do best is very important! Many successful vloggers do not have a specific theme, yet they use their channel since they are already successful and thus they have a sort of immediacy with their audience.  If you are not an established successful vlogger and you have not acquire many subscribers yet…it would be wise to think of what is your talent and invest on it!

3. Make your talent…. a vlog!

As already mentioned, it is vital to think of what you can do best, what your talent is and then your heart will guide you towards success! What we usually do that gives us great pleasure ends up being a creative process that helps us express our best and most authentic self, therefore leading to success as well! It is very important to be a passionate vlogger, having a total understanding of what your doing and in your videos you use not only logic… but sentiment too! As a  consequence you will come closer to your audience that chooses to watch you because your theme concerns them and directly interests them.

4. What’s your audience?

Online Audience

You can track down your prospective audience, the so called subscribers, by looking at other vloggers that are more or less in the same position as you are, as well as your own subscribers! You will thus find out more information about the people who watch your channel and you will be able to address a specific audience. For example, if you notice that you are being watched by a significant number of subscribers of a specific country then the next time you will upload a video you could greet the audience from that specific country.

5. Your voice is your stigma!

Every vlogger has its own authentic characteristic in its voice. You will have to play with your voice a bit, find your own characteristic and the one thing that will make you stand out from other vloggers! You will have to choose the voice tone that you are going to use; this of course depends on your vlog’s theme too! Are you going to adopt a strict, a serious, a playful or a plain and simple style? You are the one to choose! You are also going to choose your own intro, if for example you wish to use a certain phrase at the beginning or end of each video that will represent who you are and will of course be the same each and every time!

6. Cohesion and punctuality!

Having a program is one of the most important things for a vlogger! You must have cohesion and punctuality in relation to the days you upload your videos! Even the time you choose to upload your videos is important! If you manage to teach your audience that your videos will be uploaded a specific day and time then trust me they will be waiting impatiently for it! And remember… what you are promising, is already recorded! Punctuality in the promises you give to your audience is linked with your trust and stability as a vlogger!

7. Descent gear for better quality!

There are vloggers that do everything using only their smartphone. There are others that have a descent gear using it to achieve a better video quality. Yes, in our days a great picture can make the difference but you can take advantage of the following perk: we are given the opportunity to turn our phone into HD or even a 4K and thus for a start, we can have a descent picture  without many expenses.

8. Smart editing!

video editing

It is imperative that if you wish to start your own vlog, you will have already found out the solution for editing! Or you will learn to do it yourself (there are easy tutorials and lessons on YouTube for amateurs) or you will find a professional editor to do it for you! Whichever solution you eventually follow, the only certain is that you need an editing that will suit you! In other words, to suit your theme, character and in general with what you wish to project on the outside!

9. The first 10 seconds make the difference!

You have 10 seconds to earn them and make them decide if they want to watch the rest of your video! You have the first 10 seconds! Besides it is proven that the most video drops happen this early! So take matters into your own hands! Make promises on what follows next, say something that will attract your audience’s interest or curiosity, do your magic and your audience will remain faithful!

10. Ask for their participation

And I do not mean in the content of your vlogs but ask them to press the magic like button or  even better ask them to subscribe to your channel since this is your major objective! On each one of your vlogs inform your audience of how they can subscribe or if they liked your video to press the like button! Moreover, to entice them to take action you can tell them that they shouldn’t miss your next episode for anything and thus encouraging them to subscribe in order to be notified whenever there is something new on your channel!

These were the 10 most useful tips for you that you already have a vlog and wish to expand it or for you that you are seriously consider it to turn your passion…into a profession! So good luck!

Trend Whispers by Antonia Zenonos

Journalist at Clickhouse Media