5 ways to reinforce the interaction with social media users

Social media has changed how businesses and consumers communicate. Recent statistics show that 4 in 5 consumers use social media platforms to engage with brands which means that the need to create effective, long-lasting and valuable relationships between brands and target audience remains essential.

Here are 5 proven methods to drive more engagement to your content on social media:

Respond to questions and complaints

Social media is quickly becoming the most common way for customers to ask questions, complain and comment. Use this to your advantage by instantly and publicly responding to questions, comments and even complaints! But if you want to write a long reply or share sensitive information, transfer the conversation to a direct message, email or call.

Personalise your responses
Social media users want to talk to real people when they comment on your content. So avoid replying with generic replies, emojis or automated messages. By personalising your responses, you can get closer to your audience and make them feel valued by your business. Each response that has been carefully written by a human can help bring your brand closer to the customer and build a relationship.

Create a conversation

Replying to comments and direct messages is not enough. Another great way to increase  engagement is to create a conversation with your followers by asking questions about their experience with your product/services or their personal opinion on a topic that’s relevant to your brand. By doing this, you are not only opening your engagement reach to a wider audience but also obtaining customer feedback.

Admit when you are wrong

Everybody makes mistakes including the people behind your brand. The more transparent and honest you are, the better it is. Showing your brand as a human being with all its flaws is valued much more than showing that you never make mistakes. So next time you misinterpret something, say something that you shouldn’t have said or make any other mistake, be open about it and admit it.

Run contests and giveaways

Offering your audience something in return for sharing your content or becoming a follower is a great way to reward and acknowledge engagement. The prize doesn’t have to be something of high value, it could be anything from a freebie, discount to event invitation. There’s nothing people like more than free products or discounts and if they know you are running competitions from time to time, they will be keeping an eye for your next posts.

If you follow these 5 steps consistently, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with your followers. Invest in your brand and your future by learning to communicate and interact on social media in a meaningful way, whilst providing value.

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