Work from home tips from the Clickhouse Media team

Working from your kitchen table, distractions, technical issues, lack of in-person meetings…are all part of working from home. Following the government’s advice on social distancing, the Clickhouse Media team is sharing their tips and tricks for staying productive and keeping their sanity whilst working from home.

Here are what our coworkers had to say:

  1. Have a dedicated workspace
    “Having a dedicated and organised space that’s comfortable (but not too comfortable!) is super important. Whether your office is a desk in your bedroom, your coffee table or a corner of your kitchen table, it will help you set boundaries and keep a routine similar to the one you have in the office.” – Elena Flourentzou
  2. Take regular breaks and move around
    “At home, it’s very easy to solely focus on the screen and sit for a long period of time. Make sure you take regular breaks to stretch and move throughout the day. It definitely helps, it clears your head and gives your brain a so-much-needed break!” – Lida Leonidou
  3. Stick to a routine
    “We often complain about our daily routine, but under these special circumstances, it’s important to stick to a routine. So I tend to act like I’m going to the office – I set the alarm at the same time every day, get dressed (office style but a bit more comfy), have a clear start and finish time and even exercise for an hour in the evening as if I’m going to the gym.” – Georgia Nicolaou
  4. Recognise the challenges
    “Distractions and interruptions are unavoidable. Be it kids, pets, a phone call, a social media notification – they all contribute to a lack of focus. So recognise that challenges will occur,  plan your work around them and go with the flow.” – Chrystalla Zezou
  5. Call people
    “Working from home can be stressful and lonely. I personally like video calling my colleagues rather than emailing or sending messages so that we can have the face-to-face interaction we are all missing at the moment. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social disconnection.” – Nicolas Hadjipaschalis
  6. Stay hydrated
    “Working from home can make us forget some of the little things like drinking water. I personally keep a glass of water on my desk to help me stay hydrated (this for me is also an excuse to take a break when getting up to fill it up).” – Iria Iona
  7. Set specific time for breaks
    “It’s incredibly easy to slack off when you don’t have a schedule, even for your breaks. For example, while on break, you might go for a short walk and suddenly realise you’ve been out for half an hour. And believe me, it happens!” – Pantelis Herakleous
  8. Have fun
    “I am lucky to work with a great team! Just like in the office, we joke around and send GIFs and  random pictures to each other. This is my top sanity saver for all people working from home!” – Christiana Markou
  9. Invest your commute time into a personal project
    “Working from home this past week has given me one hour back per day. That’s how long my daily commute is and I’ve been able to invest that time into exercising in the morning and winding down whilst listening to a podcast in the evening.” – Odysseas Tsakalides

During these uncertain times, we had to adapt the way we work and live. Embrace the fact that you are home and find a routine that works for you and your well-being!

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