Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

The trend towards mobile marketing shows no signs of slowing as mobile users spend more and more time on their smartphones. Recent statistics show that the average person spends around three hours per day on their phone, which makes mobile marketing extremely important. It’s therefore clear that there are plenty of mobile marketing opportunities, so let’s explore the different types – SMS marketing, app based marketing, in-game mobile marketing and QR codes.


SMS marketing

Some consumers will choose to receive marketing messages via SMS. An SMS can be used to notify a consumer about a discount, a special promotion, a reminder or even send birthday wishes to create a personalised experience. This type of mobile marketing strategy is particularly popular with in-store visits (consumers are asked to provide their phone number during a purchase), online signups (consumer fills out a contact form or provides his/her phone number in the sign-up process) or existing customer databases (existing customers are being sent SMS notifications for specific offers).


App-based marketing
Brands can either choose to create their own apps as part of their mobile marketing strategy or partner with third-party apps, which allow advertisers to reach out to the users of that app, for example Facebook and Instagram. This makes the in-app environment an effective medium for marketers to capture app user’s attention and encourage them to view and interact with their ads.


In-game mobile advertising

The in-game mobile advertisements appear within mobile games and can take the form of pop-up banner ads, full-page image ads or even incentivised video (users receive a reward for watching an ad). If the ad is relevant and gives some sort of a reward, such as an extra life, it can generate high engagement from gamers, no matter if they are interrupted during the game. In fact, the highest engagement in mobile marketing campaigns is found in mobile games.


QR codes

QR codes, when scanned, can send consumers to a web address or display text/video instantly, which makes them an easy way to direct the consumers to a dedicated page and help them learn more about your business. The versatility of the QR code technology makes it popular in industries like retail, education, non-profit, real estate and many more.


Mobile marketing is here to stay and is the right opportunity you have been looking for to reach audiences quicker and easier. If you need help building your own app or reaching the increasingly mobile and tech-savvy audience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on (+357) 22-222122 or info@clickhouse.media

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