Remarketing vs Retargeting

Two marketing tactics that are so similar yet so different! These two concepts share a common goal and that is to help you bring visitors, who have previously expressed interest in your brand, back to your website to complete the desired action.

In the eCommerce world, approximately 70% of visitors add items to the cart and leave without making a purchase, so tackling the issue of shopping cart abandonment is more critical than ever. Let’s explore these two concepts in more detail, how they differ and how you can use them to generate and nurture leads.


What is remarketing?

Have you ever received an email or a series of emails after you have visited a website, added items to your basket but then left without making a purchase? The brand has used email marketing in an attempt to motivate you to return back into the sales funnel and finalise your purchase. Since you have clearly shown interest in the product or service, there’s a good chance that a little email reminder will do the trick and motivate you to take the desired action.


What is retargeting?

How many times did you see an ad on social media or search engine for the product or service you have recently viewed on a website you visited? Thanks to cookies that are set in your web browser, the brand can retarget you with ads based on the interaction you have made with the products or services on their website or based on the history of your online searches.

The difference is simple: remarketing involves sending targeted email campaigns to those who have interacted with your website, whereas retargeting involves placing targeted display ads elsewhere on the web and targeting a broader range of consumers.

Both remarketing and retargeting campaigns can be an extremely effective component of your inbound marketing strategy and can help with increasing conversions. In fact, people are 70% more likely to convert when they are retargeted, whether through email or display ads, so you should definitely consider using both marketing tactics to stop missing out on potential customers.

Our advice would be to use remarketing ads to send visitors a reminder about what they have left behind, but also try to make offers (for example a discount code) or upsell similar products or services. In regards to retargeting ads, we would advise you to use it if you want to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they have taken actions online that are similar to your existing customers.

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