Why your website isn’t generating enough traffic

You have a website that looks good but isn’t generating enough traffic and you are wondering why this is happening. No matter whether your website is new or it’s been up for a while, you may have never thought of the easy things you can do to make those numbers increase. So “How do I fix a website that isn’t generating the traffic I was hoping for?” we hear you ask. Let’s take a look at a few reasons and the things you can do to improve your website’s conversion rate.

#1 problem: ineffective content.
Your existing website content might be outdated, too sparse or even irrelevant to what your audience is looking for. Our advice would be to invest time and effort in writing content that your audience would like to read and share. Think about what problems your target audience has and how you can help solve them. The content on your website should help answer the questions and challenges that they are searching for.

#2 problem: low search result rankings.

Search result rankings and content go hand in hand. If you would like your website to appear in the rankings for popular searches in your area, industry or niche, you should optimise your website for better search engine visibility. What does having a fully optimised website mean? Well, getting better click-through rates with the right keywords. The more relevant your content and keywords, the better your chances are. For example, using long-tail keywords (three/four keyword phrases) will attract the right traffic. For example: ‘iphone screen replacement in Nicosia’ than ‘cracked iphone screen’.

#3 problem: high bounce rate.
Does the traffic you are getting visiting one page or leaving your website straight away? This could be an indication of your website not being relevant to what they are looking for, isn’t easy to navigate, broken links, poor website design, loading time issues, and many more. Visitors don’t like searching for information that takes a lot of time so you should focus on having an easy to understand content and responsive web design as these can improve user experience which will then translate into positive perception of your brand and business.

 #4 problem: no conversion path.

Have you ever thought what’s your website’s main purpose? Is it to generate leads, get someone to request a call back, demo, download a whitepaper of purchase an item? Bring clear as to what you want the visitor to do next when they visit your website is very important. The whole purpose of someone visiting your website is to learn more about your products and services or buy what you are selling, so it’s very important to focus all your efforts to capture their details and nurture them at those early stages of their journey.

Generating traffic and leads is every marketer’s top challenge. If any of those aforementioned problems keep your website from getting all of the traffic it can, the Clickhouse Media team can help! Contact us today on 22 222122 for more information on increasing your website traffic.

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