Pinterest, an inspirational tool in your hands!

Pinterest’s mission was to become a visual search engine for ideas and photos, an online album which can include anything the user wishes for.

But really, how can Pinterest, as a social network, be much more useful to your company?

It is an online space that can easily inspire and stimulate ideas! Pinterest’s content consists of pictures, photos and videos. It is a source of inspiration for internet users, offering an array of ideas that can give the proper stimulation for creation.

How it works:

You can create your own special board for each theme. Your profile can include in an organized manner as many boards as you wish. Your boards stay permanently there except when you desire to delete them. You therefore have all of your ideas-photos saved at your profile!  

Like most social networks, here as well you can find people and companies that interest you and follow them. In this way, you will be able to see their posts and pinboards at the network’s homepage.  

“Pin” means bookmarking an idea and is similar to a post.

“Repining” is reposting.

“Like” is the infamous “I like”.

“Boards” are the boards that pins(posts) are added.

“Comments” are the remarks.

On Pinterest’s search engine you can write anything you desire and get the relevant results – photos related to the specific theme. You can find anything there! From travelling, clothing, food to more specific themes related to quotes, animals, make-up and anything the human mind can think of.

You can follow any boards you want and save on your profile what interests you. You are also given the opportunity to send a personal message to someone and chat just like any other social network.

How can companies use Pinterest?

Smart companies whose operation is based on photos and videos have already met a great success on Pinterest. Organized photos, organized boards and useful information under each picture, is what a user needs for showing his interest and follow a company. There are companies that owe their success clearly to Pinterest since they have increased their popularity via this network.

Here are 6 basic tips for corporate profiles in Pinterest:

  1. For a start, the company’s profile should be set up with organized boards, pictures and photos relevant to their product as well as with useful information giving prominence to it.  Afterwards, start following users that interest you or who have the same theme with your company.
  2. The more specific the title of a board is the better. For example, if you’re a clothing brand then create separated boards for each product i.e. a separate board for trousers, a separate one for skirts, another for tops etc. Otherwise, you can separate the brands you are offering. Each board is a distinct brand.
  3. Inform your customers about the company’s Pinterest profile. Include Pinterest on the company’s homepage and post Pinterest’s link on the company’s other social media accounts. Make certain that you inform customers in any way possible. You can do a campaign, a contest or anything else that can attract customers on your corporate Pinterest account.
  4. Saturday seems to be the best day for posting your idea since it is the day that users have the disposition to relax and engage in searching via this media.     
  5. Become a member in group boards –  group boards are board in which you and other users can post pin with a specific theme.
  6. Use analytics- by observing Pinterest analytics, you can see which Pins are the most popular. This will allow you to program your future pins based on your followers’ interest.

This media gives you the opportunity to be inspired as well as inspire others.  Don’t lose any more precious time!

Either you are a company or just a user, use this multi-tool called Pinterest! Mark our words!


Trend Whispers by Antonia Zenonos

Journalist at Clickhouse Media