LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn: The makeover of Company Pages

When you think of LinkedIn Company Pages, posts promoting a company’s blog and salesy content come to mind. Well, not anymore! On November 13th, LinkedIn announced LinkedIn Pages – the next generation of Company Pages – which means new format, new interactive features, easier navigation and more ways to communicate with your audience and followers.

LinkedIn Company Pages

In the following paragraphs we will explain everything you need to know about LinkedIn’s new Company Pages:

The LinkedIn Mobile App

Until recently, LinkedIn Page admins and community managers experienced problems when trying to use LinkedIn’s functionalities on mobile. Now LinkedIn’s mobile app allows you to post updates and respond to comments on the go just like you would do with any other social networking platform – giving you more ways to monitor and optimize your LinkedIn Page’s performance and engagement.

Share employees’ posts

LinkedIn has long been the go-to platform for job seekers to look for a new job and for businesses to attract new talent. Considering that employees can be the biggest advocates of your brand, another feature that is now available is being able to re-share the posts of your employees from your LinkedIn Page. By re-sharing their posts, stories and achievements on your Career Pages, you can build stronger connections with your followers and attract potential employees. Don’t forget that adding faces and personal stories to your brand will increase your post reach and engagement.

New content suggestion tool

LinkedIn, aiming to be a better social networking platform for its users, helps businesses find topics and content that are of interest to their target audience. In particular, this feature recommends specific articles that will add value and resonate with your audience, thus helping you improve your chances of sharing something interesting and driving traffic to your company LinkedIn Page. After all, being able to understand what your followers like is key to content marketing success.

Customized CTA button

Another feature, is the new customized call-to-action (CTA) button. You can now guide LinkedIn page visitors to your landing page and drive specific actions using CTA buttons like ‘contact us’, ‘learn more’, ‘register’, ‘sign up’ and ‘visit website’. Customized CTAs are important because you give your audience the opportunity to engage and respond to your content.

Increase visibility of posts through hashtags

Additionally, LinkedIn Page admins can now associate their Page with hashtags to help attract more relevant searches, respond faster to conversations about their brand and industry related posts and bring more traffic to their page by attracting people looking for specific updates, jobs or services.

If you are looking for a hidden marketing gem, LinkedIn Pages is definitely one of them. By finding what content your audience engages with, using the right calls-to-action, telling stories through the posts of your employees and staying on track with what’s relevant to your industry through the use of hashtags, you will manage to generate new opportunities and nurture relationships with your audience.