Instagram Stories: How engaging they turned out to be as a social media tool

More than half a billion people use Instagram every day and a third of the stories with the most views are posted by brands. Numbers speak for themselves – Instagram is the social media platform where people engage the most, so make it a central aspect of your marketing activities!

Why are Instagram Stories so popular?

Instagram users love how the platform allows them to add creativity to any photo or video with face filters, location tags, weather stickers and hashtags. All the different stickers and filters offer brands a fun and interactive way of reaching wider audiences and building brand awareness. For example, the location tag (your area/city and your own address) has proven to be the perfect sticker to help boost engagement, especially when you are hosting an event or looking to promote a new shop opening. Just think how many extra people this can draw to your story!

What’s the idea behind Instagram Stories?

There’s a reason Instagram Stories were given this name. Well, as the name suggests, stories were created for users to express themselves and share everyday moments with their followers. Vogue, for example, have a very casual voice and style when sharing stories, but still remain professional and on-brand. They found that videos work better than photos, so they are telling their brand’s story using behind-the-scenes videos which allow followers to feel that they are getting an inside look into the world of Vogue and fashion.

Why should my business use Instagram Stories?

Statistics show that one in five stories results in a direct message. This means that incorporating the art of storytelling on Instagram will result in brand recognition, website traffic and a higher conversion rate. Don’t forget that stories are also the only piece of content where you can direct followers to your website so take advantage of this feature and Instagram as a tool to reach a whole new level of engagement with followers!

The more interactive the content (contest, creative wallpapers, poll stickers, location stickers, etc), the higher the audience engagement. Stories are essentially narratives which create a sense of anticipation and excitement so the trick is to pay attention to your content.

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