Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories!

The social media platforms that are on the radar for many brands are – without a doubt – Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms offer a huge opportunity for business to connect with customers and with features like Stories, they are slowly changing the face of social marketing.

For those few out there who might not be familiar with Stories, Instagram and Facebook Stories are defined as photos or videos associated with brands or users that only last for 24 hours to make way for new content. Stories give businesses the chance to publish unpolished content with a ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel, but even though they are part of the same family, there some differences between Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories still remain an untapped territory

The fact that Facebook stories are not as popular as Instagram Stories means that businesses have an opportunity to be an early adopter and change the social media marketing game. Simply put, Facebook Stories still remain an untapped territory. Take our word for it and start experimenting to see what works best for your brand. Facebook Stories are likely to take off soon so this is your chance to appeal to customers on Facebook without spending a dime. It’s not only low risk but also there’s no proven recipe for success yet.

Instagram Stories have more features

Boomerang, Superzoom, Stop-Motion, Rewind, Focus and Hands-Free are some of the features that you can only find on Instagram Stories. Apart from the different video styles, Instagram Stories offer multiple font styles, whereas Facebook Stories are only limited to one font style. Adding filters, stickers and adjusting the theme are very important practices to make your content more engaging and interesting so don’t let the fact that Instagram has more customizable designs put you off. Stories, in general, are valuable to social media marketing.

Group Stories feature only available to Facebook Stories

Even though Facebook and Instagram Stories have a lot in common, Group stories are one of the only features that are currently unique to Facebook. Group stories allow anyone attending an event that’s created on Facebook under an Event page to post their own Story roll. These stories are moderated and approved by the event’s administrators. If your company host events often, Group Stories is a new way to promote your live broadcast, generate excitement and engage with followers.

Both Instagram and Facebook are great channels to showcase your products/services and give personality to your business. Even though the differences are not many, for some reason sharing stories on Instagram is slightly easier. If you feel that that’s the case for you too, why not share your Instagram stories directly to your Facebook account?

This will not only save time but also help build a better social media presence.