What’s your generation?

Your generation has a name! Did you know that? Since 1945 and every 25 years, a generation changes and a name is given for the succeeding one.  Each generation has its own general characteristics depending on the time! Take a look below and find out in which category you belong to and what are your characteristics.

The Silent Generation

The Silent Generation comprises of people born before 1945 and from this point onwards the history of each generation begins to be recorded individually.

Baby boomers

The so-called Baby Boomers are next in line, i.e. the people born between 1946 and 1964. This is the generation which comprises of the present pensioners but also of others as well! It is considered to be the generation of social movements and uprisings. It is the most populated generation and the one which exhibited an enormous birth growth. At the same time, it is said that the baby boomers were the ones who engorged the social state’s responsibilities, especially in Europe, sentencing it into shrinkage! This generation preceded the technological advancement but as the years pass by, these people become more familiar with it.

Generation Χ

Comprised of all those born between 1965 and 1980, these are in other words the people who are now in their mid-forties. They were born at a time where an economic recovery succeeded the Second World War and globalization was at its peak. It’s the generation who came to know the female entry into the work field very well, the AIDS and divorce burst as well as the emergence of the technological and communication breakthrough. It is furthermore the generation who started picking up the pieces related to the economic crisis triggered by the baby boomers. The people of this generation have experienced great changes in their time, but with wit they move on slowly and steadily towards progress. This generation has knowledge, develops and materializes its career plans while at the same time it is eager and keen on taking up leading roles. They might not be so many in terms of population but the influence they exert is enormous.

Millennials or in other words Generation Y

it is comprised of all those born between 1980 and 2000. We shall give this generation a particular attention since it is the most misunderstood one of all times. They are being characterized as lazy, the ones who seek out the easy way up and the ones whose mobiles are an extension of their hands. Yet, no one realizes that this generation is the one who experienced the technological burst while growing up. It is the generation who found out that you can have a date through an application, the one who works with clouds (iCloud) instead of a hard drive, the generation who can work from home and have the same or better results than being in an office. It is the generation that doesn’t marry in its 20s as it understands that it has so many things to do before that. According to researchers, these people live longer under the family roof, save the least money and seek experience instead of possessions. They are the so-called influencers, hackers and social media experts! It is the generation who prefers organic products and tends to believe that technology is a god. Yes, it might be the most misunderstood generation but it is also a challenge! What do we mean by that? A lot of marketing companies form special campaigns and expeditions in order to approach the most demanding audience of the commercial pie, the Millennials! Is it consequently the generation that brings evolution? Yes! It is either brought by themselves with their knowledge and ideas or by their elders as they try to approach them and learn what they think.

Generation Ζ

And from the technological experts we move on to Generation Z which includes all those born from 2000 and onwards, the new generation. The current 18year-olds. As strange as this sounds, according to a British research, the generation Z is the most conservative one. It is the generation that has the least possibilities to be involved with drugs, alcohol or have a tattoo. It is the generation who vividly experienced the economic crisis and seems to be the least wasteful. These people prefer to save money instead of spending and on contrary to baby boomers, they are the generation which is more likely to make a difference in relation to the economic growth of their time.


Trend Whispers by Antonia Zenonos

Journalist at Clickhouse Media
Email: info@clickhouse.media