What makes customers loyal to brands?

You have most probably heard the saying “A satisfied customer is the best advertisement”. Well a satisfied customer, will keep coming back for more, in addition to promoting your business/brand to friends and family. In order to attain this goal, you must consistently provide a good experience, show your customers that you care, build trust, reward them and exceed their expectations in the quality and service you provide to them. Let’s see below how you can ensure continued success and help drive sales of your company’s products and services.

Social media – show the human side of your brand

Consumers are expecting brands to be more conversational and show their human side on social media. This can be achieved by sharing behind the scene moments (birthday celebration, team activities, etc), giving detailed responses to questions or complaints, responding to social mentions and reviews (positive and negative) in a friendly and helpful manner. Being able to solve all problems as efficiently as possible will show that you genuinely care about your customers, making them reciprocate by returning to shop again and again.

Trust – show your expertise in your field

Gaining your customers trust can be achieved by maintaining a positive relationship with them and presenting yourself as an expert in your field. The key here is to not try to oversell your business, but rather try to educate your audience about the business and industry, share a story and explain a problem your customers struggle with (for example, losing weight, managing people, recycling, etc) whilst outlining a solution.

Discounts & offers – reward your customers

There are many reasons why customers stay loyal to a brand, a major one is the reward the customers are given in return for their loyalty. This can be translated to anything from coupons, loyalty points, discounts, complimentary gifts, giveaways, competitions, etc. Customer loyalty is a mutually beneficial situation for both the customer and the brand. If they feel that they are getting a good deal, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

Customer service – show consistency in your quality and service

When you provide consistent and top quality customer service you don’t only create a good name for your business but also you will keep your customers coming back for more.  A customer friendly website, the purchasing process, returns policies, delivery methods, quick responses to queries and easy access to customer service team all add up to good customer service.

These are just a few steps to keep in mind towards making customers loyal to your brand and consequently your business. Gaining customer loyalty can take time and is constant work but it is necessary to establish, build and maintain a good relationships with your customers. As loyalty towards your brand grows, shopping your brand products or using your brand’s services becomes a tradition. The goal is to create powerful, personalised experiences that win customers over and keep them loyal and profitable.

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