The evolution of Social Media Marketing in 2018

During an era where it is made evident that Instagram has an up growth at a personal level, most companies still keep Facebook on the social media throne since they consider it as their most valuable tool for promoting their firm and content.

Buffer, in collaboration with Social Media Weekly, has conducted a very interesting research which sets the stage for the 2018 advances in social media marketing. The research with the title “The state of social media 2018” had accumulated the answers of 1796 marketers, from companies of various different infrastructures, sizes and occupation domains, aiming in lighting up all the upcoming advances on social networks and marketing.

Some of the most significant results of this research are being listed below!

  1. Facebook remains the most preferred platform for the marketers

Το 96% των επιχειρήσεων χρησιμοποιούν το Facebook για τις οποιεσδήποτε ενέργειές τους, ενω στην δεύτερη θέση έρχεται το Twitter με ποσοστό 89% και ακολουθούν LinkedIn και Instagram με 70%

96% of the companies use Facebook for all of their activities while in second place comes Twitter with 89% followed by LinkedIn and Instagram with 70%.

  1. Videos are the future of advertising

Even though it is widely known that videos are the future and as it may seem the main tool for the ads of the year 2018, most of the companies (an 85% during 2018) seek to create more videos, yet the lack of time and money are preventing them from moving forward.


  1. The images are the ones being mostly shared

As it is known, an image is more attractive to a reader’s eye, this is also prevalent in the research since 95% replied that images are the ones being mostly shared followed by links with 85%.

  1. Live videos didn’t have the anticipated success

At a previous corresponding research, 69% of the companies have replied that they did not make a live video while the companies using a live video have favored Facebook by  91% followed by Instagram with a significant disparity in the percentage since only 29% have preferred it.

  1. Facebook is the king of sponsored company ads

94% of the marketers prefer Facebook for sponsored company ads. Instagram follows with 44% and LinkedIn and Twitter in third place with 26%.

  1. The upturn of stories

A 42% has declared that it has made stories on Instagram or Snapchat throughout 2017 while companies with a 68% have replied that they intend to use this tool further during 2018.


Trend Whispers by Antonia Zenonos

Journalist at Clickhouse Media