IGTV: Be a channel owner too!

Instagram never stops to amaze us! That’s a fact.

The “videocall” option has made its appearance in the past few days and from now on we can talk to friends not only by messages but through a video as well! Something even better has arrived which I am definitely sure you have noticed!

In the last couple of days, we have been seeing a small sign depicting a little TV in our Instagram options! Well, in order to celebrate its one billion users and in a profound attempt to challenge YouTube over its video dominance, Instagram has announced the release of Instagram TV a.k.a IGTV.

Everyone will be able to create his own Instagram channel now, more or less in the same manner that it is done in YouTube. Each user will be able to have his own videos on a permanent basis in his profile! In case you can’t see the little sign, just update your app and the next time you open Instagram it will appear!

How does IGTV work?

IGTV just like YouTube gives users access to various channels from which they can transmit their content.

Moreover, IGTV like a regular TV starts to play once you open the app. Videos can have a duration of an hour maximum and are displayed vertically in a full screen mode. Once you open the app, just drag your finger on the top to change channel.

From there, you can search for your favourite channel, sort into the most popular content and toggle between videos created by the users you are currently following. Additionally, just like in the traditional app, you can send or leave a comment and press the popular Instagram heart to show how much you like the video!

“Teenagers are now watching 40% less TV than five years ago.  It is time for video to develop and evolve” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has stated according to BBC. He didn’t even rule out the possibility that in the future the creators of the most popular videos will have an economic profit, taking a percentage from the advertising earnings, just like what is currently YouTube doing.   

What can IGTV offer to companies?

If your company has already been making a good use of Instagram stories then IGTV can offer something more permanent to your users and followers. You can create your own organized channel and earn more followers. In addition, you can see the comments and hearts placed by users!

Some IGTV specifications which you must bare in mind:

Video length: 15 seconds to 60 minutes (Full 60 minutes are only available to bigger accounts or verified accounts. Everyone else has a limit of 10 minutes.)

File size: up to 3.6 GB

File format: .MP4

Video size: 9:16

Instagram seems to be the new much promising application and its global use will skyrocket. Will it be the new social media king? We are here to find out together! ☺



Trend Whispers by Antonia Zenonos

Journalist at Clickhouse Media
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