How Can User-Generated Content Benefit your Company?

Give your audience a voice – a happy customer, a happy company!

If you are wondering how to develop your company and increase your marketing strategy, user-generated content may be the answer here!

User-generated content must constitute an important part of a company’s marketing strategy. There are many benefits and many ways to make something bigger from this! Having customers, who can share their experience with the products or your services, increases your reliability and reputation.

What is user-generated content?

Anything that troubles or excites users or generally concerns them can trigger them to express it in any way possible like via pictures, videos, GIF, posts, comments or even reviews.

Word of mouth may be the most powerful example of user-generated content.

Giving space, time and freedom of speech to users makes them feel you understand how important they are for your company and how necessary they are for the general improvement of your services – products.

The company must find the best way possible to engage its audience and should pay due attention to their reactions and comments.

Many users reach out directly to the company via email or via messages on the various social media pages created by companies.  Online communities like Quora give users the opportunity to ask questions and get answers connecting the people who have knowledge to the people who need it.

Users have the need to feel useful and enjoy being active in such topics since this is what offers them “social validation”.

User-generated content as part of the content marketing strategy can bring a great victory to the company. This is because it corresponds to the actual needs of the user.  It gives value to the audience and the audience repays the company with trust.

A great way for your target audience to create its own content is through a campaign or a social media contest where users are invited to directly contribute to a topic for the company’s benefit, i.e. create something for the company or provide an idea (a new logo, a new slogan etc.).

The benefits of user-generated content for the company:

  • Puts customers in the spotlight
  • Reveals the real needs of your audience
  • Promotes authenticity and increases your credibility
  • Gives a chance to engage with your customers
  • Creates real stories through customers’ experiences
  • Helps you maintain a direct contact with your customers

A satisfied user won’t hesitate to like and share your content, talk for you and generally promote you.

Increasing the number of satisfied customers is the greatest achievement for a company; give them the chance to talk and you will see that their contribution will teach and improve you a lot!

Trend Whispers by Antonia Zenonos

Journalist at Clickhouse Media