5 types of content with the highest engagement on Social Media

According to recent studies, over 80% of marketers consider engagement as one the top three metrics for evaluating social media success. Given that interactive content effectively engages your audience, investing in creating engaging content on Social Media is more than necessary.

Adopting a great and consistent content strategy is tough, challenging and time-consuming. However, if you don’t deliver what your audience is looking for, chances are your competition will!

“Engaging” content in simpler terms?

Engaging content is every type of content that has the ability to catch your audience’s attention and inspire them to act. Likes, shares, comments, views, and click-throughs are all actions and reactions of users that help marketers evaluate the effectiveness of their content strategy on social media.

What are the 5 types of content with the highest engagement? 

1. Written content

  • Write for your readers; write about things that matter to them
  • Directly address your audience to create a warmer connection with them
  • Be human and authentic. Don’t try to sound complicated and formal, especially if this is not your personality as a brand

2. Visual Content

The type of content that actually amplifies content! There are many types of visual content we can recommend but as products and services differ from one industry to another, each business needs to experiment before determining what type is performing best for them.

Some great examples are: Collages, image quotes, infographics, posters, animated content, gifs, vlogs, 360° VR tours and videos.

3. Content that drives emotion

  • Use humor; it has been proven that people like and remember what makes them laugh
  • Inspire; use image quotes and concept-video formats to motivate and encourage
  • Entertain; we are pretty sure you can recall at least one TV or Radio commercial jingle that got stuck in your head for days and, most importantly, you remember the brand.

4. Real-time content for real-time engagement

Real-time engagement often requires some preparation. Either you have a new product launch or an event you would like to create some buzz around, real-time marketing can help you boost awareness and engagement! Brands can now share with their users a live look at events as they happen. Some of the most popular real-time marketing trends are Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

5. Informational Content

Inform and educate; make yourself useful and relevant! Provide your target audience with high-value content by understanding the questions they’re asking. Give them information in a variety of formats such as guides, podcasts, webinars, vlogs, articles and infographics. Test them across different channels and measure their performance. If you are having a difficult time finding interesting topics for your readers, remember that they are your most accurate and valuable source, so ask them and do it frequently.


DigitalEyes by Chrys Zezou

Operations Manager at Clickhouse Media
Email: C.zezou@clickhouse.media