4 reasons your social media advertising isn’t working

Return on investment on social media may not be reflected immediately, but it does help in creating a word of mouth and buzz around your brand name and taking into consideration who your audience is and what they like. Let’s see below four common reasons social media campaigns fail and how you can increase your chance of success.  

1.You don’t understand your target audience

Take the focus off your business and product for a minute and instead put the focus in the consumer itself. Your paid social media ad campaigns will not be successful if they don’t reach your intended audience correctly. Take a moment to think about whether you want your ads to reach customers based on their geographic location, education, gender and/or age. Social media advertising doesn’t work on the broad scale, so the question is ‘do you really understand your target audience?

2.You don’t use the right images

It is a fact that social media posts with related images generate more views than those without, so if your social media efforts don’t bring the business you hoped for, make sure you are not doing it wrong. The pictures not only have to be relevant to the text, but also resonate with customers through emotion and authenticity. The more relevant and authentic the pictures are, the greater the credibility and brand trust.

3.Your CTAs don’t get you the desired result  

Likes, shares and comments are good, but with the right CTAs you can convert more customers and earn more revenue from your social media ad campaigns. Encouraging a user to browse through your online store, make a purchase or buy a ticket, will ultimately result in more conversions and sales. If CTAs are not executed well, they will cost you more money and turn qualified visitors away from your business.

4.Your posts and ads lack incentive

Promotions, offers and incentives on social media can help to boost your company page and expose your content to new audiences. If you fail to give incentives and create quality content, people will ignore your posts and ads. Of course, relying solely on promotions to boost your business on social media can soon become expensive, so you might have to think about  whether the ‘like my page for a chance to win’ approach is as effective for your business as you would like.


In most cases, the key to social media advertising success lies with you and your ability to understand your audience, create good visual content, stay relevant, include an enticing value proposition and give a clear call-to-action. Once these elements are in place, success will be guaranteed. If you are looking for more guidance, contact us on 22 222122 or email us at info@clickhouse.media.

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